Savings Milestone #4 – Marching on!

Savings milestone #4 has now come and gone. We managed to save away $965 towards our 20% home loan deposit. Although we missed our fortnightly target of $1150, saving away nearly $1000 is no small feat. Unfortunately we had two unplanned visits to the doctors (kids) and some related medical costs which ate into our savings plan.


We have managed to save a total of $5,165 since we began our journey a couple of months ago. As the time passes, we are managing to save without any real impact on our standard of living. If anything, tightening the belt has brought the family closer together as we are constant coming up with free things to do together – bike rides, walks, trips to the library and park etc.

With this in mind, highlights for the fortnight included some fun days at our communal vegetable garden, clearing out the summer crops and planting for winter. Since we started our garden in January, we spend 30% less at the grocery store and are eating healthier.


I spent a day with our son cleaning our old cars. Its amazing how a good vacuum and clean windows can make a car feel brand new. Our son is only two years old and he loves helping his father with this job.

I also got on Twitter this past fortnight to see who else shares similar goals to ours. I managed to get in touch with Kevin at Debt Free Happens whose perseverance really inspired me. I can’t wait to get in touch with others as we continue down this savings path.

Onwards to savings milestone #5!


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