Smack Down! Milestone #1 met!

Very happy today. It’s now been two weeks since we started saving for our 20 percent home loan deposit, and we have managed to meet our target for the fortnight. We budgeted $1,100 ($550 per week) and we managed to tuck away $1,140.

Highlights for the fortnight:

  1. Budgeting enough to cover emergencies. Our kids who recently started childcare fell ill and we had some unplanned expenditures at the doctors and paying for medication.
  2. I spent a couple of hours cleaning and servicing my car (oil change), saving myself a small fortune on mechanical repairs. I’m planning to do the same with my wife’s car to keep them both running reliably.
  3. The veggie garden we started in January is really proving its worth now. We have been eating a lot of fresh salad with our dinner and that saves us at least $10 at the grocery store on lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. We ate three main meals this fortnight made from zucchini we grew ourselves and it was delicious (see pic below).

Overall, I feel great being able to bank away enough money to hit our fortnightly target. Only 51 more fortnightly milestones to go!!!! Bring it on baby!



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